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gfx_promos's Journal

any graphic related communities here!
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This community is for promoting all the graphic related goodies out there. Whether they be freebie communities, graphic journals, graphic resources, icontests, etc; as long as it has to do with graphics in some way you can promote here!

There are a few quick & easy rules:
1] don't post more than once a day
2] if you post a large banner or are promoting more than 2 communities, put it behind a cut
3] only graphic related communities/journals/websites

places to check out
real_emotion_x ;; my graphic journal
twylite___ ;; a wonderful graphic community!
boa_contest ;; a Boa Kwon icontest community
friendly_promos ;; my other promo community, for all kinds of "friendly" communities

credit for the lovley layout to crimsonique @ twylite___